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Subherban was started by two friends - one with a big idea and an obsession with essential oils, and the other with a passion for gemstones and making beautiful jewelry.  Subherban blossomed into creating jewelry with a purpose:  to inspire and evoke emotion through aromatherapy.  

We are continually amazed by God’s provision in our lives and the powerful healing properties of the flowers, plants and herbs that grace our planet. Essential Oils are the purest most potent form of these gifts which have the ability to lift our spirits, calm our minds and promote well being to body and soul.

Gemstones are another gift from Mother Earth, each with its own healing & vibrational properties.  Our semi-precious stones are sourced from all over the world and each is hand selected for its beauty and unique properties. 

Each piece of our aromatherapy jewelry utilizes Lava, the porous volcanic stones that have the ability to absorb essential oils, so the wearer can enjoy aroma benefits wherever they are in a convenient and beautiful way.



We are committed to enriching the lives of the women who hand make our beautiful jewelry.  Each item you purchase provides meaningful employment for an amazing and valued person and is

Handmade in the USA.

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